PROHQ Advanced Internet Hosting Services

Here at ProHQ we offer only 2 basic web hosting packages. Out there you will find thousands of option which only serve to confuse matters. 90% of people only need one of two hosting solutions. Basic or Advanced. Both of these are real cPanel hosting plans. Our entire network is on redundant servers with 99% uptime, 24x7 Network Monitoring, all on an OC192 network Contact us to get started today.

Affordable Web Site Design Services

We have designed and been instrumental in the creation of many web sites over the years and with each design project we strive to go beyond the expectations of our clients. That is what elicits testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals. Designing the web site to suit the clients' needs is the best method of ensuring satisfied customers.

ProHQ has designed, promoted, and provided consultation services on many web sites for entrepreneurs, large and small businesses, home based businesses, start-ups, families, non-profit organizations, and everyday people that just want to put their message or products online.

We keep all clients informed of the status of their design project with mock layouts and test pages that are easily accessed online by password so you will know exactly what your site looks like before it ever goes live.

When your web design project is completed, we submit your site to the top free search engines/directories and other lesser-known search engines/directories worldwide. Submission is included free of charge with our design services.

ProHQ also offers other services in addition to web site design. The creation of your web site is only a part of a successful online presence. We offer everything your web site will need to be successful and effective. Contact us to get started today.

Free software installs with all hosting!

Only on ProHQ! When you host with ProHQ, software will be available for you to use with easy 1 or 2 click setup at no additional charge. No one comes close to our plans or our service!

Reliable Affordable Computer Sales and Service

Like everything we do here at ProHQ our custom built computer systems are guaranteed and we are always right here to provide service when you need it.

Template Solutions

We offer a complete design solution with our affordable templates Just click here to browse our tremendous selection of affordable professional templates.

We can help you with an existing web site

You may already have a web site that may be experiencing problems. Whether they are design related problems, not generating traffic, or you do not know what the problem is; you just know the web sites performance is not what it should be contact ProHQ for help and consultation services

The Basics Of Effective Web Site Design

This may sound strange but it is a major downfall for many web sites. When developing a mainstream web site there is a tendency to forget that many different visitors with different needs, browser preferences, connection speeds, and monitor resolutions will visit the web site. Getting the visitors to your web site is only part of the battle. The lack of traffic has kept many webmasters and site owners awake at night and to make sure you have a steady stream of visitors to any web site takes diligence or a lot of money to spend on Search Engine Optimization specialists and online/off-line advertising. Nevertheless, web site traffic means nothing if your visitors cannot use your web site once they visit it. It is the same as going to a store that is out of business....more